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The Internet- The best and most private way to find swinging contacts in Australia is the internet. Many websites list swinging parties and profiles of people who would like to participate in swinging.

Swing Down Under - One of the main sites for swingers in Australia. Getting swingers in touch with other since 2000.

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Swingers Heaven: This site lists a ton of local Australian parties and you can search for swingers near you. They provide a lot of information about swinging as well. This has everything you might need in one stop.

The Adult Hub: This site is very well known for swinging. After you get to know their contacts in the chat rooms, forums, webcam chat and messaging you can meet other swingers at your convenience.

You want to avoid websites like Ashley Madison, because that site is mostly for people looking to cheat on their partner. That is not what swinging is all about. Make sure everyone involved is well informed and consensual.

Contact Magazines- Magazines that have dozens of small ads are available in Australia. You read the magazine and look for people you would like to meet up with. You write the magazine a letter and they forward it to the advertiser. This can be a slow, but very safe method.

Swinger Clubs and Parties- Try going to several different parties in your area. Mingle with as many people as you can, and ask them how to reach other swingers they may know. Make sure to get phone numbers at the party, so you can swing with them again if you end up having a good time. Ask them what websites they use and how they meet swingers. Going to clubs will also provide you the opportunity to meet other people to play with. A lot of clubs have themed nights for people who are specific to your needs. These include fetish nights, bisexual nights and couples only nights.