Swingers Contact Etiquette

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Swingers Lifestyle Contact Etiquette

A few basic guidelines for creating and responding to swingers ads. Don't forget to read the guidelines set out on the site you join for their tips as well.


Please respond to all e-mails you receive from respondents.

Most of them will have spent time plucking up courage to write to you, and time thinking of the right thing to say to get you to notice them.

It does not need to be a long letter, a short note saying something along the lines of "Thank you for your response, but you do not match what I am currently looking for, better luck next time" will at least let the respondent know they have failed. I know that I for one check my mail eagerly after I send every response, hoping that someone has written back to me.

If you are an escort advertising for business please advertise only in the escort section. If you are an escort advertising for play friends please use a different e-mail address from that used for your business. If I am made aware of people being asked for payment when responding to ads outside the escort area I will delete the ad.


Always be polite.

Tell the advertiser what you like about their ad.

Tell them how you think you will meet their requirements.

If you enclose a picture show your face - most people like to see the person, rather than a shot of genitalia. If they like the look of you, they will then ask for another picture, a nude one if they want it. (some people do want nude pictures from the start, but they will usually say so in their ad).

Keep the language clean, match your response to the ad. Don't go straight in with a hardcore letter.

If you are turned down by an advertiser, don't keep contacting them - you are not going to make any friends by being a nuisance or abusive. Just move on to the next advertiser.

  • Judges & Lawyers
  • Priests
  • Teachers & Headmasters
  • Financiers
  • Diplomats
  • Personalities & Actors
  • Sportsmen and women
  • Trash Collectors
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Military personnel
  • Politicians
  • Newspaper owners.
  • Reporters and editors.
  • Authors
  • Artists
  • Pilots
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Firemen and Policemen
  • etc., etc., etc.

Basically everyone is represented in the lifestyle, from across every profession and every race and every religion, from 18 through to people in their 80's.

Discrimination in Swinging

Most swingers do not discriminate against others on grounds of age, color, religion or class. However everyone has the right to choose who they do or do not play with, as if there is no attraction there will be no enjoyment.

These days most swingers accept that most if not all the females will be bi-sexual, while more clubs are accepting male bi-sexuals as well.

People with physical disabilities enjoy swinging too. Over the years we have had guests who are confined to a wheelchair, people who are blind and people missing limbs attend our parties. They are always accepted and I have seen them involved in the thick of the action.

How widespread is Swinging?

Professional research carried out in 2005 suggests that a quarter of the adult population of the UK are now involved in swinging! Swinging in the USA is almost certain to be of similar or greater proportions. Factors such as use of internet contact sites and swingers clubs suggest that most European and American countries have an even larger percentage of swingers than the UK. Per head of population there are more swinger clubs in every major European country and in the USA and Canada. There are also more people registered on swingers sites per head of population than in the UK.

Since we started running swingers sites in 1997 we have seen the numbers increasing rapidly throughout Europe, America and Australia. Since 2010 we have also seen a steady increase in numbers from the Indian sub continent and Pacific ring countries. 2011 saw a big surge in swingers coming online from countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia as access to the internet was opened up and censorship lifted.

The main definitions of Swingers are people who;

  • enjoy having sex with other people as well as, and along with, their regular partner .
  • enjoy watching their partner have sex with someone else (better known as a voyeur).
  • enjoy sharing their fantasies with their partner and other people.
  • enjoy having sex with lots of people (greedy girls such as JoJo your hostess).
  • enjoy going to swingers parties, hundreds of which are held every day, have a look at www.clubsandParties.com for one of the most complete listings of swingers clubs and parties on the web.

The main criteria for being a swinger

Is that you are open and honest with yourself, your regular partner and the people you meet.